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Pressure Transmitters
Oil Free Air Compressors  

Oil Free Air Compressors

  100% Oil Free & Lubricated Compressors.
 Double Acting Water Cooled, Rugged Cast Iron Design,
    Ideal For Heavy Duty & Continues Operation.
 Lower Operating Cost, Simple Maintenance.
 Easy Assessability Of Spares at Economical Price.

 CTBO Series Balanced-Opposed
 Compressor Package for Air & Gas Application
 Pressure 2.5 to 20 Bar
 FAD : Upto 1610CFM
 Motor Rating : 30 to 215 HP
Oil Free Air Compressors

CTV 11x7 Bare Air Compressor

Lower Operation Cost
Low Power Consumption is a key features and makes a big difference in your electricity bill

Lower Maintenance Cost
A rugged cast Iron design ideal for heavy duty and continues 24x7 operating year after year.
CTV 11x7 Bare Air Compressor
 Valve, Piston & Rider rings designed for annual one time maintenance.
 Low RPM & rugged cast Iron design ideal for
    heavy duty continues 24 x 7 operating year after year.
 Forged Crank Shaft & connecting Rod, Precision Main & Crank Pin Bearings with force feed     lubrication have very high load bearing capacity & hardly needs replacements.
 Cylinders constructed with large cast in-water jackets & specially Designed intercoolers for     dimmensional stability & better cooling under continues operation.
 Distance Places feature two components ensuring the lubricant isolated from the cylinders.
CTV 8x7 BAse Frame Mounted
CTV 8x7 BAse Frame Mounted
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We are Authorised Dealer of Chicago Pneumatic Screw Air Compressors and manufacturer of Water Cooled After Coolers & Air Receivers
Our setup is situated at Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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